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Meet brothers Charlie and Kevin. This is no ordinary family!

The Ries brothers are an American pop rock band based out of Florida. For the past three years, they have been impressing audiences with their innovative style and original music.

Oldest brother Charlie, is the lead singer for the band, and can be seen simultaneously playing the drums and keyboard bass, while singing. Kevin is his younger brother who plays guitar and helps with the songwriting for the guys.

For the past three years, the Ries Brothers have been the headline group on multiple well-known platforms and have played for thousands from Florida to Los Angeles.

The EP, “We Could Be”, was produced in Nashville, TN by producers Shane McConnell and David Wise.




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The Ries Brothers – We Could Be

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The Ries Brothers – Stay

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The Ries Brothers – I Need You

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The Ries Brothers – Drift Away

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The Ries Brothers – Without You

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