Celebrate your accomplishments. Motivate your team. Make your guests stand and cheer. Whether it’s an awards night, meeting opener, or private party, there’s a show waiting to be written about you!

Here are some examples of our most popular custom shows:




In your custom show, our creative team of musicians can write and produce an original song to celebrate your business and your message.


BDO “It’s About the People”

Click and listen to this original pop song that honors the 100 year anniversary of one of the most trusted accounting firms in the nation whose message is honesty, integrity, and relationships.


“Dream No Little Dreams”

Click and listen to an original ballad that highlights the accomplishments of Clay Mathile, successful business owner and motivational author whose philosophy is to work hard and dream big.


“Coming Home”
Click and listen to this song about saving endangered gorillas and transporting them to a wildlife preserve in Africa.
“A beautiful song about our organization”Clare Richardson, CEO of the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International”



As professional shapeologists create shadowed shapes that are cast on an expansive white screen.

Shapeology will move your audience to a new sight and sound dimension, a new experience of sensory perception.

Modern dance and artistic movement are the glue of this entrancing performance laced with interesting shadows, forms, props, and a unique story created just for you.