462f4e_38d03ce025f646ca800af5f07f1ed5c6.jpg_srz_p_420_625_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzmedium_header_aboutSafia Valines is an Orlando based musical artist known for her exquisite soprano voice and her beguiling stage presence.

She has been described as the female Andrea Bocelli and her live concert nods at Sophia Loren in her hay day, sassy red dress and all!  She specializes in Jazz, Pop, Broadway, Classical/Opera Crossover, Italian, Spanish, and French chanson.

Safia has captured the attention of many venues in the south eastern United States with her  lovely tone and sensitivity to text. Her energetic take on popular and vintage material is infectious and her concert is not to be missed.




Safia Valines – Promo


Available Soon!


Available Soon!


“Safia is a gem! Beautiful voice and personality that made everyone at the party get the chills! Perfect addition to a party that wants to add pizzazz!”

Jean Melendez, Quality Vascular Imaging, Inc

“From start to finish Safia was an amazing performer to work with. She seemed to just draw the crowd of 400 in. She is such a joy and I would highly recommend her to anyone that would ask.”

– Josh Mers, Lexington Fairness