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Bayside Boys - Promo 1medium_header_aboutLooking for the perfect atmosphere music, but tired of the standard boring jazz combo?Bayside Boys Unplugged is a unique acoustic group with no musical boundaries. Their trendy “unplugged” approach to every genre of music, classics to contemporary, makes them the perfect choice for any event where you are looking for a pleasant “Acousti-Cool” vibe.Experience the difference with The Bayside Boys and you will never look at background atmosphere music the same again, Guaranteed! short_header_images


Available Soon!


Bayside Boys – The Lazy Song

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Bayside Boys – 3 Little Birds

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Bayside Boys – Don’t Stop Believing

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Bayside Boys – In Your Eyes

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Bayside Boys – Knockin On Heavens Door

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Bayside Boys – One Love

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Bayside Boys – Run Around Sue

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Bayside Boys – Underneath It All

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Bayside Boys – Wild World

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Bayside Boys – Over The Rainbow

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Available Soon!