kami attack picmedium_header_aboutThe Kamikaze Fireflies are a two-person comedy variety show suitable for theater patrons from six to ninety-six.With huge spinning cubes, whirling juggling clubs, cracking whips, a back bend that a volunteer can stand on, and a sandwich made using only the feet, this is a show packed with memorable stunts and gut busting laughs.

In The Kamikaze Fireflies show we are all about play. Playing well with others, playing with words, and playing with big toys. We make a living playing with toys and making people laugh.

It’s an amazing job and we love it! That doesn’t mean we don’t work hard to learn all this stuff. For every trick you see us perform there were many, many hours of rehearsal to learn the skill. And it’s not just the skills.

Every funny thing you hear us say was the result of countless attempts at telling the joke- changing a word here, adding a pause there.



The Kamikaze Fireflies – Promo



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